Inside Kim and Kanye’s $1.2 Billion Dollar Wedding

Kim and Kanye Billion Dollar Wedding 2014

He finally did it, and oops she did it again. Kim Kardashian and “Son of God,” Kanye West tied the knot this weekend in Italy and Idol Magazine correspondent Samantha Ross has the exclusive details!

The couple rented nearly three fourths of Italy for the massive bash at a rate of $9.6 million a night for five nights, totaling $48 Million dollars. The space was decked in gold and ivory.

Kim Kanye Wedding Map

“It was gorgeous, there was a bidet in every room,” said Kim’s mother Kris Jenner.


Kanye insisted daughter North West learn to walk so she could be the flower girl at the ceremony. With  the help of  Cesar Millan, TV’s Dog Whisperer, North West was on her feet at just 34 weeks old ($350,000 in training costs). Bridesmaids Khloe, Kourtney and Bruce looked ravishing in their floor-length off-cream Badgley Mischka gowns. A hologram of Kanye’s dead mother, Donda West, gave Kanye away ($5.5 million dollars).

“(o)MG the wedding! It was totes touching #CoachellaWeekend2” – tweeted Kyle Jenner. Kendal Jenner re-tweeted shortly after.

The entertainment was top notch. Whitney Houston performed the couple’s favorite song, “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay.” Celebrity guests included Jesus, Prince William with wife Kate Middleton, John Leguizamo, Giuliana Rancic, Kid Cudi, Five Seconds of Summer, Karina Smirnoff, Nicky Hilton and Ray J.

“The wedding was perf. If Rob was here it would have been more perf!” tweeted Kim. Rob Kardashian left Rome early to pick up his Applebee’s Curbside-To-Go order in Calabasas, California. He later joined Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Beverly Hilton for the Los Angeles viewing party, where guests caught and ate their own caviar.

Image credits: Startraks Photo, Wikipedia Commons

David Copperfield Prime Suspect for Disappearance of Malaysian Aircraft


Magician David Copperfield was taken into custody in Las Vegas, Nevada early  this morning  for questioning regarding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines aircraft flight 370. The aircraft carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members was scheduled to land in Beijing, China and went missing somewhere along the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Research teams in Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, the United States, Thailand, Australia, the Philippines and New Zealand are all pointing their fingers at Copperfield after a YouTube video re-surfaced (since removed) from 1996 showed Copperfield making a helicopter disappear in to thin air. Fellow Magician and Colleague Raymond Joseph Teller, known as “Teller” from Penn and Teller, had no comment.
Story developing.
Click here to watch David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear.
Image credits: Wikipedia Commons

The Wolverine’s 22-Song Soundtrack Sung Entirely By Hugh Jackman Slashes Its Way to A July 26 Release

Lord on high has heard your prayers. The new motion picture soundtrack for Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment’s “The Wolverine” is sung entirely by Oscar nominee and Tony award winning actor, Hugh Jackman.

“The Wolverine” is available for download beginning July 26th on iTunes and Amazon. Can’t wait? Look below for the unofficial 22-song track list which features original songs performed by Jackman on lead vocals and percussion drums.

Jackman won the Tony award for best performance by leading actor in a musical for his role as Peter Allen in “The Boy From Oz,” and starred in the motion picture of the international smash musical, “Les Misérables” (lay-mee-say-robbes) as convicted felon and unconvicted kidnapper Jean Valjean. Jackman returns to Broadway in Stephen Schwartz’s Houdini 2014.


Track List:

    1. A Walk With Cosette in the Woods
    2. The Thénardiers Meet Nagasakí
    3. French Euthanasia in 1815
    4. Logan’s Run to the Castle On A Cloud
    5. The Offer and the Bargain
    6. Arriving at the Temple at the Barricade
    7. A Heart Full of Love at the Funeral Fight
    8. Look Down Two Handed At The Stars
    9. Red & Black Bullet Train
    10. The Snare Can Hear the People Sing?
    11. Abduction, Suddenly
    12. Trusting the Master of the HouseNinja Quiet, Who Am I?
    13. Kantana Surgery In A Little Fallof Rain
    14. The Wolverine in the Sewers
    15. I Dreamed A Dream of The Hidden Fortress
    16. Bring Silver Samurai Home with Lovely Ladies
    17. Turing the Sword of Vengence
    18. Dreams With Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
    19. Goodbye Mariko (A Heart Full of Love Reprise)
    20. Where to? The Wedding with the Beggars At The Feast
    21. Whole Step Haiku With Epilogue

“Anything Goes!” To Close August 5th, Stephen Sondheim Theatre to be Transformed into Three-Story Sports Chalet Spring 2013

Sondheim wrote, “In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking,” and now he will be happy to know he can get three pairs for only $10 on the second floor of his own theater.

Realtor Josh Kelly announced today that by March 2013, the Stephen Sondheim Theatre located at 124 West 43rd Street, between Broadway and 6th Avenue, will be transformed into a three-story Sports Chalet.

You are not “losing your mind,” putting the theater up for sale has been in consideration before it opened in 2010.

“We love resuscitating Sondheim and remarketing his work, but we also love Sports Chalet,” said marketing director Micah Restoni. “We are left asking ourselves, how many times can you revive a revival?”

Idol Exclusive: Live at the Glee Tour in LA with Jack Vogel

How Precious Actress Gabourey Sidibe Lost 179-Pounds

Move a little to the right Jennifer Hudson. Academy Award nominated “Precious” star, Gabourey Sidibe is looking delicious after shedding an extraordinary 179-pounds in just 16 weeks.

So how did she do it? Unlike Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers® did not work for Sidibe. “I kept borrowing Weight Watchers® points from friends and family and by the forth week I was over my head in debt,” said Sidibe. “My friends said they did not want to see me until I had their points. It was hard because they don’t sell points, you have to earn them.”

11 Reasons You Can No Longer Make It to Coachella

Photo Credit OC Weekly

If you are one of seventy-five thousand aspiring hipsters who spent $285 dollars on 3-day passes to The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, bear with me. If you are one of seventeen thousand hipsters who also purchased camping passes for the occasion, start packing you idiot.

This year’s lineup for Coachella (which takes place in Palm Desert, California) is drier than the vaginas of The Real Housewives of Palm Springs. The only thing for concertgoers like yourself to look forward to in April is lyme disease, a urinary tract infection, and your boyfriend doing a number two in a plastic bag in the backseat of your father’s car with the windows up.

Before you all start picking hats, one may want to reconsider attending Coachella 2012. Below are 11 reasons and excuses to help you ditch your friends and start your new life as a wealthier and a less pretentious new you.

In conclusion, Woodstock is over and Coachella is overrated. Sell your tickets to this pool-less pool party to a carbon-copy of yourself on Craigslist for profit. Then buy your ticket to The Electric Daisy Carnival for this summer in Las Vegas, Nevada and wait for my next column on why you shouldn’t go to EDC.

Trust me the coolest thing you could have possibly seen at Coachella was The Swedish House Mafia gang banging Michael Cera with a ceramic dildo while Thom Yorke watched with his freakishly smaller right eye because he is a creep.

Sarah McLachlan Leaves Dog Unattended for Four Hours

Singer, songwriter, and animal rights activist Sarah McLachlan has found herself on the other side of the leash. She has recently become the target of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the same organization she endorses. McLachlan is accused of leaving her Labrador retriever tied up, thirsty, and unattended for nearly four and a half hours outside of a Gelson’s Market. McLachlan’s response to this accusation? “That’s not my dog.”

Parking lot attendant Octavio Miguel Ortiz witnessed the ordeal. “She no take care of perra, I take care. I give agua, I clean puta,” said Ortiz. “Is her dog,” he added. “I am shocked she is saying the dog is not hers. I saw her tie it up before she came in to the store,” said shopper Alexandria Chatman, a loyal customer. “She was really going there with the samples. I caught her taking three handfuls of the salted toffee caramel pretzels. There was a moment I was afraid I was not going to be able to try any,” said Chatman. “She was also double dipping the pita chips in the hummus. Who double dips at a grocery store? It’s disgusting,” she added.

The SPCA is debating weather to pull McLachlan’s television commercials and replace them with Hayden Panettiere’s advertisement, which were shot in 2007. Both the SPCA and McLachlan have refused to further comment on this situation until results of the paternity test are confirmed. The Labrador is currently under the care of Ortiz who has shown interest in adopting the animal. You can donate to the SPCA by visiting


Lutz to Replace Humphries on Kardashian’s Take New York


Get ready to welcome the newest Kardashian! On Sunday January 29th, Twilight’s Kellan Lutz will be joining the cast of Kim and Kourtney Take New York. Lutz will play the role of NBA star (and Kim’s husband), Kris Humphries, who left the show due to irreconcilable differences with producers late 2011. “It’s my first time doing reality television, so I’m pretty excited,” said Lutz.

So how did how did Kellan prepare for the role? “I work out six days a week, I have also been taking basketball lessons and have been going through my lines between reps,” Lutz continued. Kim and Kourtney Take New York airs Sundays 10/9 Central on the E! Network.

BREAKING NEWS: Celebrities Served Meat At “Vegan” Hotspot

The West Hollywood hot spot, Haus of Kale, is caught in the heat of a celebrity outrage after an interview with owner Rifka Nader revealed that the restaurant is neither vegan nor vegetarian. “We have never carried any tofu or other vegan products, however all of our produce is organic,” said Nader. “People see hats, they hear kale, and they assume these things,” she continued.

This discovery by Byline News has left celebrities and others vegetable condenseurs in rage. “Natalie Portman has already got her stomach pumped twice, Olivia Wilde is currently going through a full body cleanse in Dubai, and Alanis Morissette does not know yet,” said publicist Amanda Rilley. Nadar, however, insists she has done nothing wrong. “Portman would come in twice a week and order the Jidori Chicken with kale. Just because there is kale being served with your entrée does not make it vegan, and surprisingly I am having a hard time communicating this to these customers.”

Actor Joaquin Phoenix still plans to sue the establishment. “My nieces and nephews ate there, I am filled with guilt and regret,” he said. Some celebrities are more understanding than others, “I swore I would not put anymore meat in my mouth,” said actress Portia De Rossi. “Though my experience was misleading, I do take partial responsibility. I never read the menu in its entirety or asked questions, I just saw the hats and heard kale and I assumed,” said Rossi. “As a vegan one should desire to better ones self both physically and spiritually, people should understand that saying they are never going to eat another animal product in their life is unrealistic, we all have mix ups,” she continued.

PETA’s protest at Haus of Kale has brought business to a halt. Nader is expected at the Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse May 8th 2012 and if convicted of passing off animal products as “vegan” she could face up to 4 years in prison.


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